Closing Thoughts On PIPD 3240

For a summer online course, I really enjoyed the time spent working on the assignments.  Tongue in cheek of course.  I really learned a lot from this course.  I feel it was the more relevant course to what I do everyday, instruct apprentices in the trades.  I say that because I feel I can take more out of this course to apply to my daily life as an instructor as I have taken from any other course.

Brian has done a fantastic job with the setup and layout of this course.  It was so interactive.  Being able to see examples of colleagues work as it was being worked on and as it was finished was not only extremely helpful to complete my work, but at times worked as an inspiration.

The ideas and concepts taken from this course will be used…. Starting Monday!


Week 8

The last week is here!

Not only is it the last week of the course but I can back to work later this week.  Where has the time gone?

It feels nice entering week 8 knowing all my assignments are done.  All that is required is finishing my reflection on the blog.  I hope to submit that early this week and use the rest of the week to take what I’ve learned in this course and start preparing my lessons which start next week.

To-do list: Finish!

The Making of A Blog

I came into this course feeling that I was pretty technologically savvy.  I took computer programming way back in the day and at one point ran a website for a hockey team I coached in my 20’s.  I was proficient with HTML and I thought the blog would be an easy assignment to accomplish, while maybe taking on the challenge of familiarizing myself with the new technologies.

Boy was I wrong!

This blog has eaten many hours (and possibly some grey hairs) out of my life.  I chose to use wordpress for the blog.  How hard could it be?  There are millions of blogs and it seems easy enough.  Just pick a template and go.

I’ve really had trouble getting things where I want them.  I’ve watched countless how-to videos and tutorials on wordpress.   I feel the templates are great but they pigeon hole you into only so many options.

As week 8 approaches I feel I finally have a handle on this thing.  I’ve added the blogroll of my colleagues and have started adding all the blogpost I thankfully saved! (Long story but at one point I lost all my stuff).

Once I’ve gotten to used to WordPress I am starting to enjoy it.  The post are going easier.  I feel once this course is done I’d like to spend some time and maybe take an online course on blogging.   I named this blog “I Teach Trades” to carry on after this course.  There isn’t a bunch of information out there on trades instruction and I hope to use this blog to share my experiences.

Week 7

Down the home stretch they come!!!

The summer just blasted by in what felt like a few weeks.  This course has also flown by and to this point it has been a very enjoyable experience.

For this week I’ll have to put the rubber down on the road and get going.  I’ve fallen behind on my forum postings so I’ll have to get caught up on all the chatter while I was away.  I also have to finish my assignment two reflection questions and get that submitted.

I’d like to take some time to reflect on my Pecha Kucha as to this point I have not even looked at Brian’s comments.

To-do list this week entails finishing up some forum post and submitting the assignment 2 reflection.  As well as putting the finishing touches on this blog and getting it sorted out.

Week 6ish

Well I was ahead of the curve then summer happened!!  We (the family) headed out to the lake for a week and it turned into an impromptu extra week of fun in the sun, watching the kids enjoy the boats and the beach,and me trying to slide a game of golf in where I could.

Unfortunately as the title hints at I am now at the end of week 6 and nothing really was accomplished this week. Thankfully I was ahead heading into this week.  I think I’ll just enjoy the weekend, watch some olympics and get ready for a busy rest of the summer personally, professionally and with this course.


Week 5

I’m finally through all of Teaching Naked and the reflection writings that pertain to the book. It is nice to have fully completed an assignment.   After submitting them I have enjoyed the comments from Brian and they have left with a positive feeling that I am going in the right direction in this course.

This week will be solely concentrated on assignment 3.  The project I have chosen for this assignment is the Pecha Kucha PowerPoint presentation along with the podcast.  Although I fell I am well versed in the PowerPoint I thought this would be a great project to learn more about the program and possibly add some spice to my presentations.  I’m also intrigued by the podcast.  I am an avid podcast aficionado and I will take this opportunity to go behind the curtain to see what goes into the making of the hours and hours of podcast I myself have listened too.

To-do list this week is simple.  Create, edit and submit assignment 3.

Creating a progressive, student-centered classroom.

In the final chapters of Teaching Naked, Bowen really challenges everyone in the education field to take a hard look in the mirror and see we are doing everything we can to make the classroom a progressive and technological advanced place.  For if this not true, then online learning or self-learning will pass the traditional stale model of education by.

This struck a chord with me as I try to make my lessons and teaching as progressive and interesting as possible.  But even as instructor who is dedicated to this goal there comes many times where institutional or educational model hurdles become to great to overcome.  Things like classroom locations, times, available tools and the like all become factors in creating a progressive lesson.

In an article, Five steps to create a progressive, student-centered classroom,  Barnes (2013) lays out five clear and concise steps that are easy to follow and are somewhat unchallenged by institutional models.  The steps include:

  1. Create ongoing projects
  2. Integrate technology
  3. Replace homework with engaging in-class activities
  4. Eliminate rules and consequences
  5. Involve students in evaluation

I plan on creating a checklist of these five simple rules and making sure each lesson plan meets this criteria.


Barnes, M. (May 13, 2013). Five steps to create a progressive, student-centered classroom. Retrieved from: