Creating a progressive, student-centered classroom.

In the final chapters of Teaching Naked, Bowen really challenges everyone in the education field to take a hard look in the mirror and see we are doing everything we can to make the classroom a progressive and technological advanced place.  For if this not true, then online learning or self-learning will pass the traditional stale model of education by.

This struck a chord with me as I try to make my lessons and teaching as progressive and interesting as possible.  But even as instructor who is dedicated to this goal there comes many times where institutional or educational model hurdles become to great to overcome.  Things like classroom locations, times, available tools and the like all become factors in creating a progressive lesson.

In an article, Five steps to create a progressive, student-centered classroom,  Barnes (2013) lays out five clear and concise steps that are easy to follow and are somewhat unchallenged by institutional models.  The steps include:

  1. Create ongoing projects
  2. Integrate technology
  3. Replace homework with engaging in-class activities
  4. Eliminate rules and consequences
  5. Involve students in evaluation

I plan on creating a checklist of these five simple rules and making sure each lesson plan meets this criteria.


Barnes, M. (May 13, 2013). Five steps to create a progressive, student-centered classroom. Retrieved from:


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