The Interactive Lecture

In the middle chapters of Teaching Naked, Bowen really dives into the use of technology in the classroom and how ineffective the traditional lecture can be.  Anyone in education, whether that be instructors, students or bystanders has an opinion on the traditional lecture and usually it’s not a pleasant one.

This left me in search of a better way, and while I found multiple theories and options to the traditional lecture one stood out to me as something I would like to investigate further; The Interactive Lecture.  In my reflective piece I described the interactive lecture as such:

The interactive lecture is one in which “active learning, group learning and classroom assessment strategies are embedded at frequent intervals in order to foster deeper processing of course content”. (Copper, et al. p.2).  The goal is to break up the lecture at intervals of 15-20 minutes to pose quick-think questions, have active learning exercises, create collaborative exercises or simply have students reflect on the information they have just consumed.

I feel this type of learning lends itself to trades instruction and I will continue further investigation into this type of lecture.


Cooper, J. L., Robinson, P., & Ball, D. A. (2010). The interactive lecture: Reconciling group and active learning strategies with traditional instructional formats. Exchanges: The Online Journal of Teaching and Learning in the CSU. Retrieved from:


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