The Making of A Blog

I came into this course feeling that I was pretty technologically savvy.  I took computer programming way back in the day and at one point ran a website for a hockey team I coached in my 20’s.  I was proficient with HTML and I thought the blog would be an easy assignment to accomplish, while maybe taking on the challenge of familiarizing myself with the new technologies.

Boy was I wrong!

This blog has eaten many hours (and possibly some grey hairs) out of my life.  I chose to use wordpress for the blog.  How hard could it be?  There are millions of blogs and it seems easy enough.  Just pick a template and go.

I’ve really had trouble getting things where I want them.  I’ve watched countless how-to videos and tutorials on wordpress.   I feel the templates are great but they pigeon hole you into only so many options.

As week 8 approaches I feel I finally have a handle on this thing.  I’ve added the blogroll of my colleagues and have started adding all the blogpost I thankfully saved! (Long story but at one point I lost all my stuff).

Once I’ve gotten to used to WordPress I am starting to enjoy it.  The post are going easier.  I feel once this course is done I’d like to spend some time and maybe take an online course on blogging.   I named this blog “I Teach Trades” to carry on after this course.  There isn’t a bunch of information out there on trades instruction and I hope to use this blog to share my experiences.


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