Week 4

Wow!! The course is already approaching the half way mark.  While this is a great milestone it always coincides with the halfway point of my summer off.  So the end of the week will bring mixed feelings.

This week in the course is where the workload is going to pick up.  I’ll have to finish reading Teaching Naked and write a final reflection.  I’ll continue to take part in the forums.  I’m already learning so many new techniques, tools and viewpoints from my colleagues in this course.  I’ll also have to start thinking and planning ahead as key choices need to be made this week regarding my choices for assignment three and four.  Hint: assignment four choice was made by the creation of this blog!

To-do list: Contribute to forums, write final reflective piece and make selection for assignment three


Week 3

After the reflective piece in week 2 on the interactive lecture my mind is racing with new ideas for the fall semester.  I’m trying to jot them down as much as possible but I will inevitably forget some.  I’m happy with my progression at this point as I ahead of the weekly outline Brian was so kind to make out for us.

For this week I will attempt to dive into the forums and share of my experiences and learn from my colleagues.  As part of assignment 2 we are required to make about 20 postings in the forums, with half of those being original ideas or referenced knowledge.  I might also try to get ahead on my readings while the weather is poor because as the summer advances I can easily see myself falling behind.

The to-do list this week is simply to send as mush time as I can sharing on the forums.

The Interactive Lecture

In the middle chapters of Teaching Naked, Bowen really dives into the use of technology in the classroom and how ineffective the traditional lecture can be.  Anyone in education, whether that be instructors, students or bystanders has an opinion on the traditional lecture and usually it’s not a pleasant one.

This left me in search of a better way, and while I found multiple theories and options to the traditional lecture one stood out to me as something I would like to investigate further; The Interactive Lecture.  In my reflective piece I described the interactive lecture as such:

The interactive lecture is one in which “active learning, group learning and classroom assessment strategies are embedded at frequent intervals in order to foster deeper processing of course content”. (Copper, et al. p.2).  The goal is to break up the lecture at intervals of 15-20 minutes to pose quick-think questions, have active learning exercises, create collaborative exercises or simply have students reflect on the information they have just consumed.

I feel this type of learning lends itself to trades instruction and I will continue further investigation into this type of lecture.


Cooper, J. L., Robinson, P., & Ball, D. A. (2010). The interactive lecture: Reconciling group and active learning strategies with traditional instructional formats. Exchanges: The Online Journal of Teaching and Learning in the CSU. Retrieved from: http://web.mit.edu/jrankin/www/Active_Learning/interactive_lectures2.pdf

Week 2

I’m excited heading into week 2 of this course.  I have really enjoyed Teaching Naked and the brainstorming of ideas that has come from it.   I have also used the time between weeks 1 and 2 to get a layout of course how begin to plot my way through the four assignments and the choices within those assignments.

On deck for this week is to continue of my reading of Teaching Naked and write a 2nd reflective piece.  This is also week where the online forums open.  After the face-to-face video conference I’m looking forward to meeting more of my course colleagues and gathering and sharing ideas.

The to-do list this week is to finish my 2nd reflective piece and to dip my toes into the forums.

Rote Memorization Versus Meaningful Learning


One of the themes throughout the early chapters of Teaching Naked dealt with the advancement of technology and its affects on the educational system.  What I chose to reflect on was the idea of using the advancement of technology to do away with the idea of rote memorization of facts in favor of a deeper more meaningful form of learning.  An expert of my reflection:

While it is easy to see the changing landscape of education on the horizon, I believe there will always be a strong place for face-to-face and hands-on learning.  As an instructor in trades/apprenticeship programs I can see the difficulties in a fully distance or online education.  That however does not immune us to technological change.  The biggest opportunity available to us when I think about the use of technology is in the content that we provide.  For many decades in trades instruction the norm has been to have students to remember certain facts or nomenclature, only to have them regurgitate it on a government exam.   However, students today are never far from a cell phone, iPad, laptop or some form of technology that could easily find this type of mundane information in a moment’s notice.  I believe the time spent attempting to engrain these facts, of which are easily attainable from the touch of a screen, could be better used diving deeper into application based learning. 

As an educator going forward I would like us to keep the rote memorization to minimum and concentrate on critical thinking and query.  We have the technology to have the entirety of the worlds knowledge at our fingertips; why not use technology to quickly retrieve facts rather than waste precious learning opportunities pounding into our memorization.

For further ideas on this topic check out the following link:

Mayer, R.E. (2002). Rote versus meaningful learning. Theory into practice, Autumn 2002. Retrieved from http://web.mit.edu/jrankin/www/teach_transfer/rote_v_meaning.pdf.

Week 1

Dipping my toes into the first week of any program leave you with the feeling of being overwhelmed with the amount of work required in the following 8 weeks.  This course is very self-directed and although I enjoy this type of learning, it has its drawbacks that a lot of the content is unknown.

What was great about the first week was the teleconference call between Brian (the instructor), and about 5 other classmates.  This video conference was a fantastic ice breaker allowing me to get to know a few of the individuals that will be joining me along this journey, as well have have Brian alleviate our fears and questions with regards to this course.

The to-do list for this week is pretty straightforward.  I will read a few chapters of the book Teaching Naked and reflect on my readings as my first assignment.


PIPD 3240 – Media Enhanced Learning

This blog was created as a course assignment for the PIPD 3240 course at the Vancouver Community College.   I have chosen the option of creating a blog to learn how to create and maintain a blog.  Follow my journey throughout the course and click on the links of other great blogs from others along the same journey.